STORESHELF24 is the only online portal for an efficient and cost-effective composition of store shelves. The simple configuration and the clear price comparison ensure that you as a portal user always get the desired shop shelf with the best conditions.

Our partners also carry all major manufacturers and retailers, such as Tegometall, Luening, Vendox or Eden. And the best thing is, you can buy from these partners with only one account.

Three steps to the shelf


Choose your shelf type and adapt it to your needs

Comparison of prices and delivery times

The portal compares prices and delivery times for you


Simply check out your shelf with your central account

Your advantages

Simple configuration of store shelves

Comparison of prices and services

Fast and uncomplicated ordering

Large range of producers and dealers

Quick start

Simple assembly

The shop shelf system is very easy to install. All parts are inserted into each other and clicked together. Nothing has to be screwed or drilled.

You have the possibility to adapt or individualize the control system at any time. A shelf is hanging too high? You can move it in three easy steps.

It can also be replaced or extended at any time, with two shelves always sharing one column in the middle. This saves parts and costs.

Modular system

The shelving system consists of different basic components, which can be combined individually again and again. Thus, as a portal user, you can create practically infinite combinations of shelves even with a small selection of parts.

In principle, each shelving unit consists of columns, back walls, plinths and shelves. Special parts such as hooks or clothes rails can be added. The basic modules are available in various lengths and widths. This means that you can always put together the shelving unit that meets your requirements. Columns are available from one to three metres.

Use of the shelving system

Due to the modularity you can use the control system universally. The stable construction and the high shelf load also allow the use as storage or basement shelf.

Retail shelf

Basement shelf

Workshop shelves

Office shelves

Garage shelves

Storage shelves

Blog from StoreShelf24

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Three steps to your store shelf


Choose your shelf type and adapt it to your needs

Choose the right shelf type for you from one of the many moving presets and then customize it to your needs. You can switch between Basic and Pro mode at any time.

Price and service comparison

We compare prices and delivery times for you

After configuration we compare prices and delivery times for you. So you can choose the best partner for you. Furthermore the dealers offer you different brands like Tegometalll, Venodx, Eden or Luening.


Buy your shelf with your favorite payment method. You don't have to worry about anything else.

Buy your shelf with the payment method that suits you. You don't have to worry about anything until the ordered product is delivered.

Our partners have the leading store shelf manufacturers in their product range:

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