We think ahead and rely on durable products

Returns & Retoure

Sustainability through technology at Storeshelf24.

Returns and returns are an ecological deficit in online retail. Goods are often ordered and then returned.

Storeshelf24 solves this problem with the practical store shelf configurator, which recognizes errors during configuration. Returns and returns are thus largely avoided.

This saves transporting the wrong goods, thus reducing CO² and the environment even before shipping .

Sustainability by avoiding returns and returns

Modern lighting technology for shop shelves

Sustainability and eco-friendly

Storeshelf24 relies on durable and energy-saving lighting for shop shelves
LED technology . Existing shelf lighting is mostly still based on classic tubes.
Some of these have not been renewed over the years. This results in higher electricity costs . In addition, the durability of the lamps is lower.

LED technology is more resource-saving and sustainable.

Sustainability through durable LED technology

Longevity of the metal shelves

High product life cycle

Shop shelves are characterized by a long service life. According to Statista , the retail renovation cycle has been increasing in recent years. Shop fittings are currently only renewed after around 10 years.

Compared to other consumer goods, such as electronic items, shop shelves are characterized by a very long use .

Sustainability through durability of the metal shelves

A step in the right direction

Storeshelf24 thinks ahead

With the well thought-out configurator for shop shelves, the company reacts to unnecessary returns in online retail. The addition of LED lamps was a further step in raising the industry's awareness of this topic again. The core range of high-quality and durable goods supports speaks for sustainability.


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