When STORESHELF24 is started, two configuration options (modes) are available. The Pro mode replaces the previously known store shelf configurator. This mode offers all known functions and also allows a configuration of store shelves. This allows you to change the type at any time and to combine different attachments – thus creating individual shelves according to your own ideas. After planning, parts lists and render images can be generated.
In contrast, the new basic mode allows for a simple and fast configuration of shelf processing. No system knowledge is required for configuration. Based on the type selection of the shelf, the width and height can be adjusted with sliders. Axis dimensions and rear panel equipment are automatically scattered. The number of add-on parts, e.g. shelves, can be adjusted at any time. Finally, the configuration can also be ordered very easily.

And the best thing about it: you can switch between Basic and Pro mode at any time. As a customer, you can start with a fast processing in the basic mode and then – depending on your needs – continue working in the pro mode for detailed adaptations.

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