Almost four years ago we started to provide our customers – as the only supplier in the shopfitting business – with the shop shelf configurator. With this configurator, we not only introduced a unique workflow for the assembly of shop shelves, but also brought the individual shop fitting sectors closer together. From the very beginning, our aim was to strengthen our partners by connecting customers and retailers more closely.  To this extent, we have created an interface for retailers and customers with the configurator.

At the beginning, there were only three axis dimensions and 270 shelf parts that were displayed. In the meantime the available parts have more than doubled. Three years and thousands of configurations later, the shop shelf configurator is the no. 1 work tool for shop shelves in the DACH area. The wide system coverage with many special parts as well as the various configuration possibilities have contributed decisively to its success.

Initially designed as a tool for shop fitters and shop planners, the configurator’s user structure has changed over the years. Professional users were joined by more and more people from outside the industry who simply wanted to configure and purchase a shop shelf without having to concern themselves with the technical aspects. This led to the transfer of the shop shelf configurator to the central portal STORESHELF24, which consistently continues the idea of the shop shelf configurator, but distinguishes between a basic and a pro configurator. In addition, the customer can now make a price and service comparison between the dealers. This, in combination with the modern user interface, ensures a fast configuration and ordering process.

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